Energy Alignment

Energy Alignment Sessions combine NLP, Hypnotherapy, Sound Healing and Breathwork to provide children, teens and adults with the support to shift from feeling trapped and overwhelmed by emotions, to having the ability to access ease and Alignment with their true selves.

When we experience anxiety, lack of focus, frustration, being on the spectrum and even purely feeling like our energy is out of Alignment, it can feel so isolating.

Not to mention the isolation, exhaustion, frustration and heartache that you can experience as a parent of a child when you feel like you have tried everything to help your kids find happiness.

It brings Ann-Marie so much joy to be able bring balance and Alignment into peoples lives.

Adults 55mins $150          Children 40 mins $95



About Ann-Marie

Growing up Ann-Marie suffered from what she later found out was undiagnosed anxiety, and it effected every area and every relationship of her life.

As an adult, after a series of events, she was diagnosed with anxiety and – at that time – depression. She then began her journey to learning how to work with many different modalities to support her own mental and physical health.

Ann-Marie’s Qualifications: NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Sound Healer, Breathwork Coach and Educational Assistant