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My World of Pendulums

How many times in your life have you felt like you’re at a crossroads and need guidance on which direction to take? Or have been unsure on what’s the right thing to do? I think we can all say that we have had moments of indecisiveness in our lives and could have benefited from getting the answers we need from elsewhere. Trusting yourself and your own intuition is sometimes a difficult thing to achieve. But there are tools that you can use within your own spiritual journey that can help you better receive the messages you need and guide you in the right direction.

A pendulum might be a new concept to you or maybe it’s something you’ve been interested in for a while but you’ve never quite been sure how to use them. Today on the Crystal Vibes Perth Blog we are here to defunct some of the mystery around pendulums and give you a brief understanding on how you can start using yours in your everyday life.

What is a pendulum?

Before you start trying to use a pendulum it’s important to understand what a pendulum is. They’re pretty distinctive when you see one, you might even remember the concept of a pendulum from year 10 science class (but we promise, this isn’t a science lesson). When speaking about pendulums in relation to metaphysics the most basic explanation of what a pendulum looks like is a triangular-looking crystal connected to a chain of some sort. It is a tool that you can use in your spiritual journey that helps you connect to your higher self by asking questions. Whilst mystical, the pendulum responds to your own body’s energetic field in conjunction with your higher self and intuition. It provokes a jerk reflex in your arm and wrist that allows the pendulum to move in a certain direction to answer your questions. Once you’re connected with your pendulum you should be able to find the answers, clarity or raise your awareness to questions and situations in your life.

How do I choose my pendulum?

Just like when you’re choosing crystals, there is no right or wrong answer in choosing a pendulum. Trusting your instincts and going with the pendulum that speaks to you is the best way to make sure you chose the right one for you. The type of crystal your pendulum is made out of will help if you require guidance for something specific such as communication, love, self worth and intuition.

Getting to know your pendulum

When you first start to use a pendulum it’s important to connect yourself to it in order to receive the answers you need. Your pendulum connects to your energy and will connect based on your energy at the exact moment you’re using it. It is important the first few times you use it to really get to know the swing of your pendulum working with your energy field.

Where to go from here

Your interest in pendulums is not accidental. If you’re being drawn to learn about them and their use it’s probably for a reason. If you’re still searching for your perfect pendulum, check out the Crystal Vibes Perth range of pendulums or follow along on our Instagram for more insight into how to use your pendulum.


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