Relationship Without Resentment


Have you ever wondered how you went from loving someone so much, to fighting about the small things? What you once found endearing now drives you nuts?

These things occur because of lack of effective communication which leads to judgement, resentment and separation. We don’t often choose the right time to have a conversation, and react in the moment to the ‘attack’. You end up being 2 ego’s battling it out to create more shit.

Does it get you anywhere? Do you sweep it under the carpet only for it to rear its head again for another day? How many relationships have you destroyed from suppressed resentment?

Sara and Rob are opening up about their own personal relationship on how ineffective communication nearly destroyed their marriage and the tools and techniques they used to create a conscious, loving and effective partnership.

Join us for an honest approach to relationships and its not just for intimate ones. This applies to family, work colleagues, friends and anyone you are in relationship with.

This is Rob and I first talk together inviting you into our business, relationship business that is.

After 14 years together we thought that we had great communication, only to find that ineffective communication had created  built up resentment, leading to judgement and separation. 

We will share with you the techniques we used to tackle the difficult, uncomfortable yucky stuff, such as money, kids, feelings, jealousy, insecurities, sex, family, friends ……………………..

As a dynamic conscious duo, who are often entertaining with our perspective on life, we are also inviting you to share your story so that we can facilitate you at a personal level as no two relationships are the same.

If you would like to change the way you communicate in your relationships, then this is a great place to start  by securing your ticket now for $29. Tickets are strictly limited so be quick to grab yours now!

Who is this Talk for

  • If you have communication issues within relationships.
  • Would like to get out of judgement so that there is more ease in relationships.
  • Take your current relationships and create a closer connection.
  • If you desire more authenticity with relationship.