Energetic Kinesiology


Karen is NVE’s Senior Kinesiologist with 10 years experience in facilitating conscious change and restoring health, balance and harmony to the lives of her clients. Karen works with children, teenagers and adults. Combining her training with other modalities, every session is unique. 

Working with Karen can help you to:

• Learn how to be in tune with your body.
• Releasing low vibrational emotions such as anger, shame, guilt, grief, resentment and sadness that impact your physical health
• Recalibrating your energetic bodies to create ease and optimal health
• Shifting energy that keeps your limiting subconscious patterns and beliefs in place.
• Transformation into being present and aware.
• Awakening your consciousness and open up your own psychic senses
• Navigate those difficult moments in life such as relationship break down, fear of the future and lack of control.
• Release anxiety and stress in the body
60 min Session –  $150

Sessions With Karen


Karen has been practicing and crafting her skills for nearly 10 years. It’s during this time she became aware of the connection between mental, emotional and energetic health and the impact on the physical body.

Since then, Karen has continued to learn additional methods and techniques to facilitate energetic healing for her clients. Through combining her unique skills Karen has assisted many in restoring peace, calmness, clarity and control back into their lives allowing them to live the life they desire.

Karen is passionate about teaching other Sensitive Souls to understand, acknowledge and hone their superpowers so they too can live life with ease.

Qualifications: Advanced Diploma of Kinesiology, NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapy, Access Consciousness, The Bars Practitioner.