Private Sessions

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Combining his training and conscious insights, sessions with Robbie create quick, dynamic and life time changes. Robbie facilitates in his own unique style using the tools of Consciousness Coaching, NLP, Hypnosis, Timeline Strategies and Energy Work. Working with Robbie can help you to:

  • Change negative thought patterns
  • Release fears and phobias 
  • Change un-resourceful habits such as smoking, drinking, nail biting, cravings
  • Remove old programming that no longer serves you
  • Overcome past trauma that still keeps you trapped
  • Clear limiting beliefs that have been inherited from family
  • Clear limiting beliefs that are self- sabotaging 
  • Set you up to succeed with new goals
  • To start your own journey inwards with his guidance
  • Shift emotions based on past events that are still easily triggered
  • Open your awareness to how your mind is creating problems
  • To feel a deeper connection to your higher self
  • Understanding your ego and the impact it has on your choices

1 hour session –  $160

Sessions With Robbie

“Robbie you changed my life and opened my eyes up to what else is possible. I never thought I could be free of overthinking everything and the anxiety that went with it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” ~ Kathryn

Robbie is a highly skilled Life Coach & Mentor, Hypnotherapist, NLP Master and Consciousness mentor and teacher who specialises in personal and spiritual development.

Robbie has been a CEO and GM of several companies but after 30 years of climbing the corporate ladder he realised that non of these ‘roles’ were fulfilling. Yes he was successful, yes he had ‘made it’ according to societal standards. Wanting to break free took of social these norms he undertook a challenging decision to change his path and find his true purpose. This purpose is to help others to become aware that they are good enough, that they are already complete and that nothing outside of them is needed to fill this yearning of more….


The journey inwards of self reflection, surrender and clearing all the limiting beliefs he once held true. With this new awareness, Robbie knew his purpose was to empower people to take charge of their lives and change what is no longer working and set them free. He now incorporates his own life changing journey with his tools of NLP, Consciousness Coaching and Life Coaching 


The Journey of Self- Discovery is Continous

Robbie strongly encourages clients to continue their journey of self -discovery outside of sessions.

For this reason, Robbie and his wife Sara have created the opportunity to work with them through ongoing workshops and retreats to support you in this journey called life……