Energetic Kinesiology

Combining her training with her intuitive abilities and psychic senses, no two sessions are never the same. Sara facilitates her own style of energy work which can include coaching, body work and intuitive readings.

Working with Sara can help you to:
• Learn how to be in tune with your body.
• Releasing low vibrational emotions such as anger, shame, guilt, grief, resentment and sadness that impact your physical health
• Recalibrating your energetic bodies to create ease and optimal health
• Shifting energy that keeps your limiting subconscious patterns and beliefs in place
• Transformation into being present and aware.
• Awakening your consciousness and open up your own psychic senses
• Navigate those difficult moments in life such as relationship break down, fear of the future and lack of control.
• Release anxiety and stress in the body
55 min appt –  $165

Sessions With Sara

Sara Walker is a very special lady and has without a doubt changed my life for the better! I couldn’t recommend her more if I tried. I came to Sara a 2-3 years ago, a complete hot mess struggling with some anxiety, panic attacks and so on. Through regular 1 on 1 appointments Sara was able to help me overcome my anxiety and create space for joy and ease. I still see Sara on a regular basis as well as attending workshops to learn & to improve all aspects of my life. The possibilities are infinite. Thank you Sara ” ~ Rachel

Sara is a Professional Specialist Kinesiologist, Energy Coach and Intuitive Healer who specialises in the field of emotional, mental and spiritual stress and the impact it has on the physical body. Sara’s career with energy healing started after recognising the significance of emotional stress on her physical body. It was during her early days in practice as a kinesiologist that she identified the common link between mental, emotional and spiritual stress and unconsciousness. 

With this, Sara continued her search for additional ways to facilitate her clients into consciousness through a variety of mindfulness techniques. The results have fast tracked clients into a balanced, conscious approach to their life. Through Sara’s facilitation clients have reached new levels of ease, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

As demand for Sara’s unique energetics sessions have gained fast momentum, Sara has now added workshops and retreats to her services to teach people how to become their own energetic healer and create a life she knows is possible.

Energy Work is Continous

New Vibe Energetics-139

Once we have worked  through and released your initial blockages, I encourage you to come for sessions to support you during the ebb and flow of life. 

Maintaining a ‘conscious’ life often needs supportive sessions. You will benefit hugely from a face to face session every 4 to 6 weeks to keep up “the inner journey of self discovery”. 

This enables you to be able to maintain and navigate this reality, consciously.