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spiritual awakener

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Robbie is the co-founder of NVE and he specialises in helping you to reduce those negative thoughts and feelings as well recognising those conditioned behaviours which are not serving you – by helping you to connect to your higher purpose …

energetic kinesiology

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Sara is the Founder of NVE and Principal Specialist Kinesiologist, Energy Coach and Intuitive Healer who specialises in the field of emotional, mental and spiritual stress and the impact it has on the physical body for her clients…

energetic kinesiology


Karen is NVE’s Senior Professional Energetic Kinesiologist, Life Coach and Energy Healer specialising in facilitating conscious change and restoring health, balance and harmony to the lives of her clients…..


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Rebecca is NVE’s Senior Massage Therapist and with over 16 years experience and a teacher of massage therapy in the UK, she has 4 Signature massages including Swedish, Hot Stone, Aromatouch and Pregnancy Massage….  

sound healing


Georgia brings a caring intuitiveness to her sessions. Holding a beautiful and nurturing space for her clients  to relax, restore and rejuvenate your mind body and soul.  Sound healing sessions are ideal for busy people who have find it hard to relax   

sound healing


Irene works intuitively from her heart. She brings amazing results to the people. She sees the healing process as a ‘Sound Journey’ that enables the individual to tune in to the real self. Infused with Reiki, each session is a journey…