Sound Healing Sessions

As energetic beings we are SOUND and VIBRATIONS.

Therefore it makes sense to integrate ourselves in sound and vibrations for healing.  If we are ‘in tune’ with ourselves and our environment, then we are able to live our lives happily, healthily and creatively. 

As a Reiki Master and one of a few fully qualified Peter Hess® Sound Practitioners in Australia, Irene provides enhanced healing energy to her clients and is highly skilled in devising and applying precise techniques to target specific conditions by using the Peter Hess® Therapy Sound Bowls. 

Irene combines Reiki with the Peter Hess® Sound ‘Massage’ method which involves activating therapeutic singing bowls on and above the recipient’s clothed body. The gentle harmonising sounds and vibrations combined with Reiki induce a state of deep relaxation which relieves stress and pain, release blockages and tense muscles, stimulates the circulation and has a soothing effect on the fascial tissues. When negativities melt away, there is space for deep relaxation and inner peace which activates the body’s natural healing processes, improving physical, mental and emotional well-being. 

 60 mins –  $130

About Irene

Irene, from a young girl, could sense ‘things’. Sh always knew that she would be involved in healing work one day. She got the ‘call’ in 2014 to start the next phase of her journey and left her legal academia in the public sector to follow her knowing and help others.

Her passion led her to the Solaris Centre where she is a highly valued healer, creating a niche in helping cancer patients during and after treatment.

Irene works intuitively from her heart, with love and compassion. When this intention is pure and unconditional, it brings amazing results to the individual. Irene sees the healing process as a ‘Sound Journey’ that enables the individual to tune in to their body, mind and spirit to realign the authentic self.