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Crystals & Essential Oils

Have you been given crystals and don’t know how to use them? Have you purchased an essential oil because it smelled nice and don’t know why? Then this is the workshop for you.

So often, clients ask me about a crystal they have bought and what they can use it for. When I ask them if they have cleansed, charged and activated their crystals, I often get the response they didn’t know they had to. I will cover everything I know about crystals, how to use them to balance the chakras and what crystals would be great to have in your collection.

In this workshop we will also cover, essential oils. Essential oils are everywhere these days, so to help you understand them better, we will explore my Top 12 essential oils for emotional well-being. 

Investment for a 90 minute workshop is $49

Become Your Energy Healer

Energy is the first language of the universe. We all have the capacity to recognize this language but how many of you understand how it works and how to use it to create the life, the body, the happiness we truly desire?

This workshop has been created to facilitate you in to become aware of your body and listen to it when it speaks to you. What does it mean to have communion with your body? What are these things called Chakras and how do they connect us to everything? What happens when the chakras are out of balance and how do these imbalances present themselves in the physical body as disease or illness? Retraining how you listen to your body is an awesome awareness system that probably didn’t know you had.

Investment for a 90 minute workshop is $49

You & Relationship

New Vibe Energetics-150

Have you ever wondered how you went from loving someone so much, to fighting about the small things? What you once found endearing now drives you nuts?

These things occur because of lack of effective communication which leads to judgement, resentment and separation. We rarely choose the right time to have a conversation, and react in the moment where we end up being 2 ego’s battling it out to create more shit.

Does it get you anywhere? Do you sweep it under the carpet only for it to rear its head again for another day? How many relationships have you destroyed from suppressed resentment?

Sara and Robbie discuss their own relationship on how ineffective communication almost destroyed their marriage. They explain the tools and techniques they used to create a conscious, loving and effective partnership. Join us for an honest approach to relationships (NOT just intimate ones). Workshop ~ 90 mins investment $97

You & Money

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You & Your Limiting Beliefs

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